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    Joycuff Giveaway-Morse Code Bracelets


    Hey guys! In order to celebrate our instagram followers by more than 10,000.

    We are giving away 10 Morse code bracelets every day. Time limits! Would you like to win one?

    Requirement for winning giveaways:

    1). US Amazon Prime user only

    2). Willing to cooperate with searching keywords to place orders on Amazon

    3). Follow our Instagram @Joycuff and like our any post 

    Steps to win giveaways:

    Step one: Please send you Amazon profile link or profile screenshot to us so that we can confirm the healthy and often used Amazon Prime account!

    Step two: Search “Inspirational bracelets for women”   https://www.amazon.com 

    You will find it 1st to 2rd pages, then place the order use code and coupon(Note: If you can’t find it, please messenger us, We will send you a link directly)

    Step three: When you finished the order please send order screenshot or order ID and how much totally you paid to us, Refund after order within 24 hours!

     Good luckly everyone! 


    Question 1: Why order on Amazon?

    Answer: Free exchange and return, So you didn't take any risk to win the giveaways!

    These gifts sell well in Amazon and in stock on FBA, Free fast shipping for Prime.

    Protect your privacy, you don't need to provide your personal address and phone number, because of FBA will delivery the order to you directly.

    Question 2:No review items?

    Answer: Yes.

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