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    How to adjust your Joycuff?

    The best way to adjust our cuffs is before you put them on. The oval shape is comfortable for most people, but it depends on the shape of your wrist. 

    Start from the right side, and squeeze the edge of the bracelet upward. Do the same with the left side. When you adjust it this way, the edges of the bracelet will get closer to each other, and the shape of the bracelet will be oval, without creating the bump in the middle. Leave enough opening, about the size of the height of your wrist, so you can easily slide it on. Once the bracelet is on your wrist, squeeze it just a little bit for the perfect fit.  


    Can you custom design special jewellery for me?

    You can customize any of the mantra on cuff, please contact joycuffs@gmail. Send your customized details for us.


    If your cuff bracelet will fade or tarnish?

    All joycuffs were made of 316L stainless steel, silver color will never fade, rust and tarnish, rose gold and gold can last more than 1 year


    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes. We offer free standard (First Class) shipping for orders over $100. The shipping charge for all other orders is flat $10. We also offer Priority and Express Mail options for faster delivery. You can see the cost and delivery timeframe for those at checkout. Please make sure that your address is written completely in English when you checkout so the system recognizes the address. Most of our international orders arrive within 2-3 weeks, but depending on the country, they may take up to 4-5 weeks to arrive. Shipments to Canada and Australia arrive faster. 



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