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    Beth G.
    Makes a great gift!

    I gave these to my daughter-in-law for Christmas, and she loves them. She sent me a text message two days after Christmas saying, "The wind chimes are really pretty and sound amazing. I love them so much, thank you!" Sometimes it can be difficult to buy gifts for people, so I'm really glad I got these for her.

    You won't be dissapointed!

    My mother had a beautiful sounding chime that I passed on to my son, which he loves. I missed it, so I bought the larger chime, and the medium one as well after watching the video on their website. So glad I did. Each one on it's own sounds beautiful, but together takes the sound to an entirely new level. Still calming, and not louder, but adding a wonderful dimension. Easy to unpack and hang. The quality and sound are great. As I said, either one on it's own is awesome!

    Absolutely beautiful sound

    Absolutely the best wind chimes I have ever bought. They have a beautiful sound to them as well as being beautiful. My husband which doesn't notice my wind chimes much did notice that this one was much different than all the other that I have. It doesn't just make noise but plays music. It is so relaxing and soothing.It is so worth paying a little extra money to have such good quality work. I ordered two different sizes and i an in love with both of them.

    Drowsy i.
    Helps me relax and feel like things are ok

    I have a lot of anxiety. But every time I hear this chime, I feel like things are ok, and there is still beauty in this world, and my whole body relaxes. I have a lot of ��responsibility triggers�� at home (things that remind me I have work to do), and this chime makes my home feel much nicer to be in.


    We were leery about ordering wind chimes online because we needed to see and hear it. We were replacing one that we have had for a couple of decades, and I wanted the exact same color, size, and sound. Several local stores had wind chimes, but they were all tiny and high pitched. This wind chime nailed it. We love the color (bronze), the perfect size, and the wonderful sounds that it makes. It even came with nice instructions for placement and care! We would buy again as a gift for family and friends.

    These are sooooo wonderful!!!

    I bought a windchime from this company last year -- For people who like their neighbors -- and have loved them every day. For my birthday this year, this is what I wanted. These are bigger than my first set, with a slightly deeper sound, which will be perfect. Please, check out the videos that are provided on the product description. They should convince you of the quality and lovely sound these chimes produce. I'm so excited.

    Lillian J.
    The music of these chimes is beautiful!

    I purchased the large and medium of this chime. I placed them about 25 feet apart, on the front and rear eves of the house and they play a beautifully harmonized melody. When first hung there was very little breeze or wind for a number of weeks in late summer and I was about to be disappointed but when the fall breeze picked up I was super delighted with the purchase. I thought maybe the sail was too heavy but was assured by the seller this was not the case. They were very prompt to respond to my emails! �� And assured me I would be happy or a full refund would be issued... I��m so glad patience paid off because I really love these chimes! Arrived well packaged and a wonderful booklet included! I plan to purchase more!


    Years ago I had a wind chime that fell apart after being outside. On my pandemic walks, I can hear chimes in the neighborhood so I bought these. They are beautiful to look at and they sound wonderful. I bought the bigger ones.

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